Who I am

Letters 2 Settle is a nontraditional debt-collection service for business owners and collection agencies. It uses a carrot, not stick, to persuade delinquent customers to make your bill a priority.

This service bypasses the most crowded channels for reaching customers. It uses plain and winsome language to build rapport with customers. By using direct-marketing principles rather than legalese, Letters 2 Settle amplifies the effectiveness of each payment request.

A new kind of collection agency

I started this site to offer a human voice to debt recovery letters.

Why is that necessary? Because the standard approach doesn’t work very well. Direct confrontation in a letter, email, or phone call puts debtors on the defensive.

Late payments aren’t always intentional. You know that. Sometimes they’re accidental. Sometimes, especially during recessions and depressions, they’re inevitable!

Regardless of circumstances, you don’t have to burn bridges. You can still pursue a delinquent account while keeping your reputation clean. The customer who’s late today may yet become a customer in the future.

That’s where I come in.

My name is Mike Devaney. By day, I’m a writer and marketing strategist for companies that sell everything from $60 bottles of anti-cellulite cream to $17K training courses for dentists.

What I’ve learned along the way is that in order to persuade someone to buy a product (or pay a debt), you’ve got to get on their good side.

(Read what clients say about me.)

How do you do that? It’s not quite flattery, although it does include a dash of that. Basically, the “secret” to getting on someone’s good side is… respect.

That’s right. I’ve found that by writing warmly, personably, and—above all—respectfully, good things happen.

It’s quite different from the way most debt collection agencies communicate. When they send letters out (if they do at all) the language is cold, detached, and combative. It causes the reader to shut down, which leads to more procrastination.

Like the rest of the 330 million Americans, I’ve been on the receiving end of collection agencies. No, I’ve never been in serious default of a large debt.

But a late library book?

An insurance mix-up with the hospital?

A spammy phone call claiming I owed money from a ten-year-old bill?

You bet.

So, I have some inkling and empathy for what your customers are going through.

I’m offering you an alternative to standard collection agency protocol. It’s a contrarian but risk-free way to combat declining recovery rates. Put simply, I write a series of three letters to the account of your choice.

The letters connect personally to the person who owes you money. If the account holder has any money with which to pay you, he or she will be much more inclined to do so. That’s because their perception of you—collection agency boss—will have changed for the better.

Hard to believe? Maybe, but it’s true. I see the most unlikely “conversions” all the time, with some very unlikely buyers.

My letters work because they push ingrained human psychological levers.

Debtors, you see, share many commonalities, including how they respond to pressure.

I tap into their “type” based on a predictive, personality model. However, my letters do not require you to share sensitive information with me.

It’s 100% safe and confidential.

To find out more, fill out the form below. Then press “send” to schedule a free, no-obligation, email or phone discussion.

To more money in less time,


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P.S. If you’ve got an outstanding account of more than $10K, with verified contact information, my service may help you collect some or all of the debt. You can collect without using nagging phone calls, threats, or other dubious tactics.

This service is not entirely passive. It will require about an hour of your time—or the time of someone else on staff.

Investing in this service typically costs $600-1200 or more. You’re protected, though, by an honest, money-back guarantee.