Top Content Marketing “Trick” Explained

The results are in.

Quality trumps quantity. At least that’s what customers say when it comes to content marketing.

True, they don’t “say” it. Rather, they demonstrate it by consuming, sharing, and returning for more of the same.

The trick to content marketing is to make sure everything you produce is high quality. Your content should be strong enough to contribute to your company’s growth weeks, months, and even years later.

When you’ve solved the quality problem, THEN you can ramp up production.

Sounds logical, right?

Foot on the Gas

Look, producing above-average content on a regular basis is a grind for any company. No matter how many employees you have, it drains resources.

But it can be done without pushing your team to the brink of insanity.

The fastest way to accomplish that is to DROP all the channels that aren’t showing any return:

Google +? Toss!

Medium? Delete!

Tumblr? See ya later!

You Tube? Jury’s still out.

Facebook? Wait a second… Facebook? Are you crazy???

I know, I know. But even the mighty Facebook has to go if it isn’t driving results for your company. All of your marketing channels have to continually EARN their keep. Otherwise, they’re profiting from all of YOUR hard work.

Once you’ve cleared the media deck, you can then plan a strategy for the channels that are left. That means, you probably have to understand them a little better. Producing useful content for two or three channels — while still intense — will feel like child’s play compared to what you were doing.

Content marketing is specialized

A good content marketing strategy isn’t about chasing crowds so much as it is ATTRACTING them. The way to pull customers to your product or brand is to go deep rather than wide. If you don’t understand this principle, you’ll be a little surprised at how and why it works…

But work it does! Going deep with your content is how even low-cost goods and visual items like food and clothing win. As you know, content marketing covers a lot of territory; it’s not just copy, or video, or sound.

Apps and platforms that allow you to plan, schedule, and promote content are no excuse for the shallow n’ wide content strategy.

In fact, you should be using these shortcuts only to AMPLIFY your established, deep message. That’s the hook for landing customers.

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