How to Reduce Competition with Comparison Chart Copy

(Watch a Facebook video of this post by clicking this link.) A comparison chart that includes competitor brands can be a tremendously effective addition to your product’s sales page. Naturally, introducing readers to other brands carries risk. This is true at each stage of the content marketing funnel. It’s also true when the features of … Read more

2 (Sneaky) Design Problems of Poor Lead Gen Content

lead gen content

Despite what some marketing “ninjas” claim, most lead generation content doesn’t KILL IT (!) right out the gate. In fact, tracing a sale to stand-alone lead gen content (for any product more than $100) is about as common as finding a frog with wings. You see, just as selling anything substantial in-person can’t be rushed … Read more

How to Sell to Subscription Service Customers

subscription service customers

SaaS, pronounced “sass” (as in sassy), is a Silicon Valley acronym for Software as a Service. Personally, I’m not a fan. Sounds too much like the A-word (a synonym for “donkey”). But they had to come up with something because the business model didn’t really exist a few years ago. Now, it’s a gazillion-dollar industry full … Read more

How Targeted Content Solves the Sales Frequency Problem

content as recurring revenue

Have you visited a children’s book store lately? On the surface, it’s gotta be one of the happiest places on earth. Why not? It’s filled with thousand of books, all with snappy covers… lots of color… and funny characters. But underneath the sensory overload, all is not rosy. Operating a brick and mortar store is … Read more

Should Your Copy Mention Competitors by Name?

no name competitors

“How do we mention competitors by name without starting a full-scale war?” “If we do acknowledge them as competitors, are we ready to go head-to-head with them?” It’s a familiar set of questions to anyone planning their company’s content strategy. Most corporate style guides advise against naming competitors. “Naming” could cause problems. You might end … Read more