How to Nail the Content Brief

content brief

Content briefs are easy to overlook and overthink. Without a reliable content brief, the creation process will stall. Writers, not having a mandate, resort to guesswork. Editors, not having a reference point, ask for revisions. Costs rise with delays. Quality suffers. Morale declines.

How Important is the KLT Factor in Selling?

KLT factor

Used car salesmen — ya gotta love em’! OK, you don’t. But you do have to admire them from a marketing standpoint. Why is that? Because they completely trample one of modern marketing’s sacred cows — the know, like, trust factor (i.e., KLT factor). They seem to run on nothing more than bluster, moxie, and … Read more

2 (Sneaky) Design Problems of Poor Lead Gen Content

lead gen content

Despite what some marketing “ninjas” claim, most lead generation content doesn’t KILL IT (!) right out the gate. In fact, tracing a sale to stand-alone lead gen content (for any product more than $100) is about as common as finding a frog with wings. You see, just as selling anything substantial in-person can’t be rushed … Read more

Internet Famous & Broke

make money first

I’m not the hippest cat around, not by a long shot. In fact, I’m pretty lame. Since leaving New York in 2012, I’ve completely lost touch with pop culture…. No movie posters on the subway to gawk at. No subway conversations to overhear. No tabloid headlines to scan. Believe it or not, those little brushes with … Read more

Top Content Marketing “Trick” Explained

content marketing trick

The results are in. Quality trumps quantity. At least that’s what customers say when it comes to content marketing. True, they don’t “say” it. Rather, they demonstrate it by consuming, sharing, and returning for more of the same. The trick to content marketing is to make sure everything you produce is high quality. Your content should … Read more

How to Reuse Content without Insulting Your Audience

people forget what they've read

Always look for opportunities to reuse content, but never at the expense of explicit redundancy. Let me explain… Last week I wrote about the message “maturity” of your audience… how the human brain tunes out what it recognizes as familiar. It’s something you need to grasp in order to reuse content without sounding repetitive. But that’s … Read more