How to Expand the Market for a Single-Use Product

Single-Use Product

By any metric, rockers AC/DC have had a phenomenal career.They sold tens of millions of albums and packed stadiums the world over for decades.But their marketing efforts also provide us a warning.You see, they probably worked too hard for their success.Here’s what I mean. The band’s signature sound — chugging rhythm paired with screaming riffs — never … Read more

How Important is the KLT Factor in Selling?

KLT factor

Used car salesmen — ya gotta love em’! OK, you don’t. But you do have to admire them from a marketing standpoint. Why is that? Because they completely trample one of modern marketing’s sacred cows — the know, like, trust factor (i.e., KLT factor). They seem to run on nothing more than bluster, moxie, and … Read more

How Targeted Content Solves the Sales Frequency Problem

content as recurring revenue

Have you visited a children’s book store lately? On the surface, it’s gotta be one of the happiest places on earth. Why not? It’s filled with thousand of books, all with snappy covers… lots of color… and funny characters. But underneath the sensory overload, all is not rosy. Operating a brick and mortar store is … Read more

Is 90% Unemployment Really “Progress?”

automation won't save you

First came fire. … then the agricultural revolution. … then the industrial revolution. … and now the information age. Breakthroughs that automated labor and opened up whole new avenues to live better and work less. The automation process follows a familiar path. First, someone identifies a problem with the status quo. Then someone else builds … Read more

How to Reuse Content without Insulting Your Audience

people forget what they've read

Always look for opportunities to reuse content, but never at the expense of explicit redundancy. Let me explain… Last week I wrote about the message “maturity” of your audience… how the human brain tunes out what it recognizes as familiar. It’s something you need to grasp in order to reuse content without sounding repetitive. But that’s … Read more