Is 90% Unemployment Really “Progress?”

automation won't save you

First came fire. … then the agricultural revolution. … then the industrial revolution. … and now the information age. Breakthroughs that automated labor and opened up whole new avenues to live better and work less. The automation process follows a familiar path. First, someone identifies a problem with the status quo. Then someone else builds … Read more

How to Stop “Fixing” Non-Existent Marketing Problems

no marketing problem

Getting your marketing message right is always a work in progress. That’s true even for established brands that, at least from an outsider’s perspective, appear frozen in time. The mistake many professionals make, even some good copywriters, when they stumble upon such a company, is to immediately “correct” the marketing problems: “They should do this…” … Read more

Squeezing Profits from a Rock

Last month the Heinz Company (ketchup) announced it would be merging with Kraft Foods (mac n’ cheese). Or maybe it was Kraft that made the announcement? It doesn’t matter either way. Quite possibly, your first thoughts went behind the scenes… to the boardroom: Could these two iconic brands truly be worried about the growing popularity … Read more