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What if there was a way to radically improve your company’s marketing efforts… immediately, efficiently… without any nasty side effects?

New Report Reveals 64 Marketing Hacks Perfectly Appropriate for Your Business

Dear Business Owner, Entrepreneur, or Marketing Manager,

It’s been said many times, “There are no shortcuts to success.”

In other words — expect punishment as you pursue your dream. Prepare for months and years of frustration… brace yourself for mishaps and mistakes… hold on tight because trouble will find you!

Encouraging, right?

Fortunately, you DON’T have to put yourself or your company through the ringer in order to strike marketing gold. There are shortcuts waiting for you — now — ready to work. Best of all, these shortcuts have proven themselves, are fundamentally sound, and applicable to every industry (or at least anything that involves humans!).

Look, every new marketing idea is just a variation of an old one. The problem is — thanks to universities, big corporations, and advertising agencies — you’ve been taught a VERY NARROW definition of marketing.

It’s true! Listen to what these three titans of business had to say about marketing:

  • Steve Jobs said marketing was all about “values.”
  • Peter Drucker, the famous management professor, said, “Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation.”
  • Phil Knight, the CEO of Nike, said, “marketing knits (our) whole organization together,” with the sneaker as the most important “marketing tool.”

When you begin to see the role marketing plays in EVERY aspect of your business…when your view of marketing is BIG… when you can comfortably take your eyes off of secondary details…you’ll finally be able to take advantage of REAL shortcuts. It’s that simple!

64 Marketing Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Remembering Marketing Fundamentals is a serious report for business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs who want to do marketing better. No overwhelm. Simplicity. Specifics. It’s full of the SMARTEST and BEST shortcuts for improving your marketing efforts, whatever your industry. Some of the shortcuts you’ll learn…

  • A topic you should you NEVER joke about with clients (Hack #6)
  • The AMOUNT of thinking you should do before speaking (Hack #7)
  • Why true “Undercover Bosses” never make it on TV (Hack #20)
  • The BEST length for your sales presentation (Hack #34)
  • The RIGHT time to go silent during a sales conversation (Hack #40)
  • When to “secret shop” your website and when NOT to (Hack #47)

…Plus 58 More Hacks!