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Bill Bonner is my favorite copywriter (Daniel Levis is a close second). He’s the CEO of Agora, Inc. a financial publishing company. His daily emails (“Diary of a Rogue Economist”) are a riot… and educational too!

Reading them feels like you’re hanging out with Bill, shooting the breeze. No matter how ugly or depressing the situation he’s discussing, it’s always done with black humor and levity.

Who else could write about a polarizing person like Hilary Clinton (despite the title) with so little affectation or opinion? Read for yourself:

Why Hillary Is a Terrible Candidate

In politics, as in markets, nobody knows anything. But we were seated at dinner last night next to a seasoned political analyst…

“Hillary won’t win the White House,” he confided. “She might not even win the nomination.”

We recall that much of what he said was off record, but we can’t remember which parts. So, we will leave his name out of the Diary; he may have spoken more candidly than he had wished.

“The trouble with Hillary is that she’s a Clinton without Bill’s charm. And she’s yesterday’s news. She couldn’t even beat Obama. And he’s a terrible politician.

“Obama only got elected because of a unique set of circumstances – Hillary and George W. Bush. People were sick of Bush. Hillary is a weak candidate.

“So now we’re seeing other candidates come out. Bernie Sanders is showing us how vulnerable she is. Others will be encouraged. One of them will probably get some traction.

“Jim Webb is not getting any money from the establishment. But he has real appeal to the voters.

“As for the Republicans… Hard to say. I’ve met them all. Rand Paul is smart. But he doesn’t have the funding. Or the political network. He’s too much of an outsider and a maverick to be acceptable.

“The trouble with Ted Cruz is that he is inflexible. He’s very smart and right about a lot of things. But you have to be fairly flexible to get elected president.

“The one I really like is Rick Perry. I know, he sounds like an idiot. But he’s not. They just caught him at a bad moment, when he was on painkillers from dental surgery, or something.

“You remember – he couldn’t recall which department he would abolish if he were elected. It was just a case of brain fog. But it happens to everyone.

“He’s actually very smart… and a good campaigner.”

We’ve never met Rick Perry, so we can’t say either way…

More on Zombie Wars… tomorrow.

See what I’m talking about??? (CLICK HERE to read the full article).

Although I DO agree with his view of government, more than that, I love how he weaves anecdotal stories into the main premise. He teaches the reader while pre-selling Agora products.

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