Why Your FAQ Page Needs an Authentic Voice

faq page voice

Is the company FAQ page redundant? It depends on who you ask. Some business writers, like the one linked to from a posting in the Big SEO subreddit, say it is. However, upon inspection, her complaint seems to be against a certain type of FAQ page. A type of page that no good copywriter would … Read more

How to Expand the Market for a Single-Use Product

Single-Use Product

By any metric, rockers AC/DC have had a phenomenal career.They sold tens of millions of albums and packed stadiums the world over for decades.But their marketing efforts also provide us a warning.You see, they probably worked too hard for their success.Here’s what I mean. The band’s signature sound — chugging rhythm paired with screaming riffs — never … Read more

What Donald Trump Means to Copywriters

donald trump flames

What can you say about Donald Trump that hasn’t been said 100X already?Rude? Check.Bombastic? Check.Egotistical? Check.​But how about this? Great copywriter!Sure, Mr. Trump is not sitting in a coffee shop, banging away on his Mac. Still, it’s clear that he thinks like a direct response copywriter.How so?In short, his unorthodox campaign for the Presidency conformed to … Read more

How Media Coverage of Politics Can Ruin Your Business

media coverage of politics

One of the um… interesting… things about media coverage in America is the fixation on politics, especially the office of the President. Take big city newspapers for example. They reserve the front page almost exclusively for the Chief Executive and a few celebrity politicians. They hang on every (meaningless) word that spills from their mouths. … Read more