BPlan Offer

Greetings BPlan Comrade!

Thanks for reading my article on the perils of opening an Assisted Living home. I hope you found it useful. So now that you know a little about me, I'd like to know a little bit about you.

Specifically, are you a business owner, entrepreneur, or marketing decision maker? If so, you might be interested in a special offer I have for you... Read on for full details.

To: Marketing Directors, Managers, and Entrepreneurs
From: Mike Devaney

Good News! You’re eligible for a discounted 30-minute marketing consultation.

I call it the “Tell Me Your Biggest Problem” consult because that’s what clients would tell me in the early days. Trouble was, they didn’t stick to just ONE problem. They jumped all over the place — rapid fire — listing problem after problem.

The fault was all mine of course. “Big Problem” sounds like many problems. And the truth is, copy and marketing problems are usually interrelated. So to fix that, I’ve designed a system to ensure the discussion about your big problem is tight and focused. When you sign up for your no-obligation consultation, I’ll email you a short questionnaire (within 48 hours). Once it’s completed, I’ll have a better feel for your situation. If I can help you, we’ll schedule your consult, knowing it’ll be productive and efficient.

This consultation is ideal if you’re CLOSE to deciding on your next project or need to tweak an existing one. I specialize in writing copy, critiquing copy, and designing marketing plans. Before contacting me, I ask that you finish your primary research, have ready answers for standard questions, and a reasonably firm budget for the project.

So go ahead and fill out the form below. In the comments section, include a few key points about your project.

Again, this is a NO-OBLIGATION consult. Only $19.95 — 60% less than my hourly rate.

Phone: 917.405.0755 Email: mike@mikedevaney.com Fax: 206.299.0994