Squeezing Profits from a Rock

Last month the Heinz Company (ketchup) announced it would be merging with Kraft Foods (mac n’ cheese). Or maybe it was Kraft that made the announcement? It doesn’t matter either way. Quite possibly, your first thoughts went behind the scenes… to the boardroom: Could these two iconic brands truly be worried about the growing popularity … Read more

Why Small Business Owners HATE Copywriters

small business owners mad at copywriter

Sometimes in business, “what got you here won’t get you there.” It’s a mantra many small business owners accept… at least on a superficial level. They realize that to grow, they probably have to change a few things (“scale up”). But, in their guts… they utterly reject the notion. I’ve seen this chaos firsthand in … Read more

How to Reuse Content without Insulting Your Audience

people forget what they've read

Always look for opportunities to reuse content, but never at the expense of explicit redundancy. Let me explain… Last week I wrote about the message “maturity” of your audience… how the human brain tunes out what it recognizes as familiar. It’s something you need to grasp in order to reuse content without sounding repetitive. But that’s … Read more

Selling to the Sophisticated Buyer

Although most business owners know they need to keep a prospect’s attention before they can sell them anything, so few really understand how that’s accomplished. Even when they succeed in getting the prospect to click on a video… open an envelope… listen to a sales pitch, etc. they quickly drop back into default mode. Default … Read more

Is Getting Down n’ Dirty Cool on LinkedIn?


LinkedIn Pulse is the best platform for business bloggers and writers. It claims an audience of 300 million + readers, many of whom  are eager to talk shop. But lately there’s been a lot of water cooler talk slipping in. For example, two weeks ago a clickbait headline showed up in my newsfeed. The woman who wrote … Read more