Stop Writing for Google’s Approval. It Will Make Your Blog Stronger.

writing for google's approval

“Write like Google isn’t watching, because most of the time… it isn’t.” Writing for Google’s approval is like feeding a slot machine. Instead of adding tokens, you publish “helpful” content. In time, your posts will inch up the search rankings, until one day, you hit the top-spot jackpot. This is the conventional advice bloggers receive from SEO … Read more

How to Nail the Content Brief

content brief

Content briefs are easy to overlook and overthink. Without a reliable content brief, the creation process will stall. Writers, not having a mandate, resort to guesswork. Editors, not having a reference point, ask for revisions. Costs rise with delays. Quality suffers. Morale declines.

Why Your FAQ Page Needs an Authentic Voice

faq page voice

Is the company FAQ page redundant? It depends on who you ask. Some business writers, like the one linked to from a posting in the Big SEO subreddit, say it is. However, upon inspection, her complaint seems to be against a certain type of FAQ page. A type of page that no good copywriter would … Read more

How to Expand the Market for a Single-Use Product

Single-Use Product

By any metric, rockers AC/DC have had a phenomenal career.They sold tens of millions of albums and packed stadiums the world over for decades.But their marketing efforts also provide us a warning.You see, they probably worked too hard for their success.Here’s what I mean. The band’s signature sound — chugging rhythm paired with screaming riffs — never … Read more

How to Reduce Competition with Comparison Chart Copy

(Watch a Facebook video of this post by clicking this link.) A comparison chart that includes competitor brands can be a tremendously effective addition to your product’s sales page. Naturally, introducing readers to other brands carries risk. This is true at each stage of the content marketing funnel. It’s also true when the features of … Read more