Origin of a Copywriter

I never imagined becoming a copywriter while growing up on Long Island. Heck, I couldn’t even tell you what one was (“copyright — like the warning they show before a movie starts?”).

Turns out, my whole life was preparing me for a career as a copywriter. You see, I’ve always been that annoying kid/teenager/guy who had to know the “why?” behind everything.

about story copywriter As you can imagine, constantly asking questions irked my bosses (I’ve worked in every industry imaginable).

They’d scream: “I don’t pay you to think!,” “Take your head out of the clouds!,” and “Stop asking so many damn questions!”

Of course, they were right. Most of the jobs I held didn’t require much thinking…. which made for a miserable existence! I was the proverbial square peg stuck in a round hole.

In 2012, while working for the electric company (Con Edison) in Brooklyn, NY, the union voted to strike. What was I gonna do until the strike passed? Besides picket?

A friend told me to start a blog. He understood that I needed an outlet for my curiosity, observations, and overall weirdness. Blogging, in hindsight, was a pivotal move in my life and career. By simply writing out the questions I had about EVERYTHING, I was forced to dig for answers.

Who knew learning could be fun? Naturally all the research and writing boosted my ability to communicate…

… I went from a terrible writer to halfway decent! copywriter at work I kept at it and learned to write with more precision. Writing clarified my thinking and vice versa. The key to becoming a great copywriter is this: practice, study, and learn (by thinking) every day.

When the strike ended, I went back to Con Ed for a few months. I quit to devote myself full-time to the (fascinating) work of writing copy.

(I also got married and moved cross-country to Seattle, WA.)

In my career, I’ve come to see sales and marketing copy as the means to an end, not the end. Occasionally, I have to remind would-be clients of the same. Copy is one component of your marketing plan. It’s not a stand-alone, magic pill.

Past clients include:

Act-On Software, AliMed, Amino Communications, Ashley Black Guru, BIOHM, Canopy Management, Covenant Ballet Theatre, DOCS Education, Early to Rise, Easier Living, e-Share, EXO5, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Holiday Retirement, Home Science Tools, Inedo, InstaMD, Laurie Lee Fine Art, Linked Selling, Monroe Group, multiple churches, NuTiger Organics, Obsidian Personal Planning Solutions, Orthopaedic Institute for Children, Perl Careers, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, Power Digital, Pushpay, SelectQuote, Stouffer Legal, Synergy Spanish, Theo Tech, True Blue Inc., Verity Global Solutions, Verses for Life, and XMedius.

So that’s my about story. But enough about me… how can I help YOU grow your business?

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