The best way to discuss your project is to schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute phone or Skype conversation. To do that, simply CALL (917.405.0755) or EMAIL ([email protected]) me now. I offer different services: copywriting and marketing consultation

Direct Response Copywriting

If you’re reading this, then you probably already know what copywriting is. If not, I’ll explain briefly, and why direct response copywriting is so important.

As a copywriter, I write the words for whatever it is you need — display ads, homepages, product pages, emails, sales letters, video scripts, etc. As a direct response copywriter, it’s my job to move your prospect to take one positive action. By working for you this way, I can help grow your business quicker than traditional advertising methods.

To be clear, I only write the words (text) for your project. I will make suggestions for design and layout, but I am not a graphic designer. I will gladly work with whomever you choose for design (including agencies). If you need design talent, I can make recommendations or outsource the job to one one of my colleagues.

My copywriting fees are listed HERE ($1.2K minimum). Landing page packages HERE. Portfolio samples HEREOther questions? Shoot me an email at [email protected]

Marketing Consultation

As a marketing consultant, I study your business as it exists now and advise you on steps to move forward profitably. It’s a longer process than a single copywriting job (obviously). My work will touch every aspect of your business. Consultation work normally stretches over several months.

I begin all consulting work with a questionnaire. That questionnaire is the starting point for my research. In addition, I may also ask to interview you and other employees. 

Hiring me as a consultant is not a single, GIANT purchase. My services break down into reasonable and manageable pieces. You can stop the consultation process at any point and still benefit tremendously. My fees are listed HERE.

Industry Experience

I’ve written for the following industries: senior care, nonprofit (including churches), performing arts, finance, natural health, staffing, medical equipment, digital design, and more. If I haven’t listed your industry, CONTACT ME to discuss your needs.

My Guarantee to You

…is that you will be happy with the final draft of your copy. In the rare event that you’re not 100% satisfied, I will work round-the-clock for the next 30 days until you have copy that makes you GIDDY!

I mean that.

Please be aware that I cannot guarantee the results of any project. That’s because copy and marketing advice is dependent on a lot of particulars — audience, your offer, time of year, design, competition, the economy — beyond my control.

You should also know that I don’t provide refunds for my services. There is some risk in hiring me. But in order to reduce the risk, our contract will stipulate agreed-upon deadlines for the first and final draft. I’m also happy to keep keep you informed about the progress of your project via email. Email checkpoints allow you to see your project taking shape. By handling projects this way, clients know exactly what’s coming. The end result? Clients are usually thrilled with their final copy.