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Freelance Copywriter Who Gets it Right the First Time (and Makes You Look Brilliant!)

Hi, Mike Devaney, direct response copywriter here. Isn’t it almost shocking at how quickly the traditional marketing department is changing? Overnight, it seems, new roles are created to keep up with technology. Meanwhile, traditional roles are going the way of the dodo bird, replaced by automation tools.

This changing of the guard has meant that more marketing departments — as well as business owners and entrepreneurs — outsource copywriting.

But as you’ve probably experienced, outsourcing creative always carries risk. When your brand’s copy is on the line, you have to know — beyond a shadow of doubt — that the copywriter you hire will…

  • Deliver according to the creative brief
  • Nail the voice of your brand
  • Meet every deadline (especially the FINAL deadline)
  • Submit complete, error-free copy
  • Get along with your team 

   … and possibly most important?

  • Make you look brilliant for hiring him!

Where can you find this gem of a freelance copywriter? Turns out you’re staring right at him! Yes, me. I don’t blush easily, so I’ll just say it: hire me as your copywriter and you’ll be thoroughly impressed with the results.

The sharp, intelligent copy that once required hours of brainstorming, haggling, and back-and-forth discussion from your team can now be safely outsourced. Which means, YOU get to focus on what you do best!

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