I’m breaking my own rules here by listing my fees. Generally this is a big no-no for anyone who sells services, especially creative services. The thing is, by doing it this way you’re in a better position to decide whether I might be the right person for your next copywtiting project. If the fee structure listed looks copacetic, then I invite you to schedule your no-obligation consultation. Skype works too. I’m in Seattle.

The minimum engagement fee for new projects is $1, 200.

Once we speak, I’ll have a quote for you within 24 hrs.

Single, Done-For-You Copywriting Projects

  • Display Ads (Newspaper/Magazines) – starting at $250
  • Online Ads (Pay-Per-Click) – $125 (in most cases)*
  • Sales Letters – $250 per page
  • Landing Pages – starting at $350
  • Sales Pages – starting at $300
  • Homepages – starting at $300
  • Other Webpages – starting at $200
  • Webpage Re-Writes – starting at $100
  • Single Emails – starting at $200
  • Multiple Emails or Autoresponders – starting at $175 per email
  • Newsletters – starting at $200
  • Press Releases – $250 per page (+ distribution fees) 
  • Articles – starting at .50 per word
  • Advertorials – $250 per page
  • Video Script – $500 minimum, $200 per scripted minute.
  • Radio Script – varies according to length
  • Blog Posts – starting at $150

* two different ads included with each pay-per-click project

Marketing Consultation

Needs Analysis – this is a great option as a stand-alone product or as the first step in a larger project. It’s a five-to-seven page researched assessment of your company’s marketing efforts. The report makes specific recommendations for achieving your business goals. Included in the report are my fees for any additional copy or consultative work. Only $499.

Social Media Management – limited in scope to making your company visible while obeying each medium’s “rules.” Short-term contracts only. Ask me.

Sales Analysis/Critique – I will look over your sales copy or promotional material and give you a written, point-by-point critique. The critique will be as long as needed to provide you with the best chance of success. Ask me.

Email/Phone Consulting Packages – unlimited phone and email access to me. This works well as a short-term fix and as a long-term option for dynamic, changing companies. Ask me.

Phone Consultation – over the phone, appointments made at least five business days in advance. Ask me anything related to your business (suggestions for improvement, specific problems, brainstorming, etc). First 30-minute consult is free, after that $100 per hr