To: Marketing Directors, Managers, and Entrepreneurs

Good News! You’re eligible for a discounted 30-minute discussion about the content you might be considering for an upcoming marketing campaign.

I’ve designed an outline to ensure our discussion is tight and focused. When you register via PayPal, I’ll email you (within 48 hours) a short questionnaire. Once it’s completed, I’ll have a better feel for your project. If I can help — and I usually can — we’ll schedule your consult so that it takes place ASAP.

The content discussion is ideal if you’ve got a marketing campaign planned, but need help choosing its content, including sequence. I specialize in writing essential content pieces (e.g., lead magnets) that require supporting assets (e.g., autoresponders) to be effective.

Before contacting me, I ask that you finish your primary research, have ready answers for standard questions, and a reasonably firm budget for the campaign. 

Again, this is a NO-OBLIGATION consult. It’s yours for only $19.95.

(PayPal account not required.)

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