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Tips and advice for using direct response copywriting in your next marketing campaign. “Aren’t we all direct response copywriters now?” said the former Ad Executive.

Stop Writing for Google’s Approval. It Will Make Your Business Blog Stronger.

writing for google's approval

“Write like Google isn’t watching, because most of the time… it isn’t.” Writing for Google’s approval is like feeding a slot machine. Instead of adding tokens, you publish “helpful” content. In time, your posts will inch up the search rankings, until one day, you hit the jackpot (i.e., top ranking). This is the conventional advice bloggers receive […]

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What Donald Trump Means to Copywriters

donald trump flames

What can you say about Donald Trump that hasn’t been said 100X already?Rude? Check.Bombastic? Check.Egotistical? Check.​But how about this? Great copywriter!Sure, Mr. Trump is not sitting in a coffee shop, banging away on his Mac. Still, it’s clear that he thinks like a direct response copywriter.How so?In short, his unorthodox campaign for the Presidency conformed to […]

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