Will Reading the Tabloids Make You a Better Copywriter?

tabloid magic

The world’s largest newspaper doesn’t get much respect.Critics scoff: “Not real news,” “Celebrity fluff, ” “Pure trivia.”But unlike other newspapers analyzed in a recent Pew Research Center report, the Daily Mail does do ONE thing very well…… make money. Hand over fist!Their secret? Headlines. Magnetic headlines. See for yourself:No More Mr. Nasty! Giggling Simon Cowell larks around with […]

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What Donald Trump Means to Copywriters

donald trump flames

What can you say about Donald Trump that hasn’t been said 100X already?Rude? Check.Bombastic? Check.Egotistical? Check.​But how about this?Great copywriter!Sure, Mr. Trump is not sitting in a coffee shop, banging away on his Mac. Still, it’s clear that he thinks like a direct response copywriter.How so?In short, his unorthodox campaign for the Presidency conformed to […]

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(True Story!) How I Resurrected a Dying Newspaper Ad

fix my newspaper ad

When it comes to buying a newspaper ad, you gotta know this:All submissions are FINAL.Change your mind about the something in the creative? Too bad. Live with the results.Yes, that’s still the norm. It doesn’t matter that digital has decimated the newspaper industry. The assembly line mechanics of print make real-time changes prohibitive.There is one […]

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How to Win Support for Employee Generated Content

employee generated content

If you’re a marketing manager, chances are that you’re already sold on the benefits of employee-generated content. It’s a potent sales tool when used correctly. The problem is, getting your fellow employees to actually create content is hard. They’re busy with their own work, stressed, and… wait, isn’t that your job anyway? Moreover, even when […]

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How Important is the KLT Factor in Selling?

KLT factor

(FYI: The formatting on this post is broken, it’s some type of WordPress error. My apologies). Used car salesmen — ya gotta love em’! OK, you don’t. But you do have to admire them from a marketing standpoint. Why is that? Because they completely trample one of modern marketing’s sacred cows — the know, like, […]

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