Origin of a Copywriter

I never imagined becoming a copywriter while growing up on Long Island. Heck, I couldn’t even tell you what one was (“copyright — like the warning they show before a movie starts?”). Turns out, my whole life was preparing me for a career as a copywriter. You see, I’ve always been that annoying kid/teenager/guy who had to know the “why?” behind everything.

about story copywriterAs you can imagine, constantly asking questions irked my bosses (I’ve worked in every industry imaginable). They’d scream: “I don’t pay you to think!,” “Take your head out of the clouds!,” and “Stop asking so many damn questions!”

Of course, they were right. Most of the jobs I held didn’t require much thinking…. which made for a miserable existence! I was the proverbial square peg stuck in a round hole.

In 2012, during my sixth year working construction for Con Ed in Brooklyn, NY, the union voted to strike. What was I gonna do until the strike passed? Besides picket? 

A friend told me to start a blog. He understood that I needed an outlet for my curiosity, observations, and overall weirdness! Blogging, in hindsight, was a pivotal move in my life and career. By simply writing out the questions I had about EVERYTHING, I was forced to dig for answers. Who knew learning could be fun? Naturally all the research and writing boosted my ability to communicate…

… I went from a terrible writer to halfway decent!  copywriter at work I kept at it and learned to write with more precision. Writing clarified my thinking and vice versa. The key to becoming a great copywriter is this: practice, study, and learn (by thinking) every day.

When the strike ended, I went back to work for a few months. I finally quit to devote myself full-time to writing copy. I also got married and moved cross-country to Seattle, WA (where I now live).

I’ve found it helpful to remember that copy is the means to an end, not THE end. 

A partial list of clients include: Act-On Software, AliMed, Amino Communications, Ashley Black Guru, BIOHM, Covenant Ballet Theatre, DOCS Education, Early to Rise, e-Share, EXO5, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Holiday Retirement, Inedo, Laurie Lee Fine Art, LinkedSelling, Monroe Group, NuTiger Organics, Obsidian Personal Planning Solutions, Orthopaedic Institute for Children, Perl Careers, Phil & Sebastian, Power Digital, Pushpay, SelectQuote, Stouffer Legal, Synergy Spanish, Theo Tech, True Blue Inc., and XMedius.

So that’s my about story. But enough about me… how can I help YOU grow your business?

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