Avoid Sending Mixed Messages to Your Target Audience. Let This Copywriter Help Simplify Your Writing so That the "Next Step" in Your Marketing Funnel is Obvious (and Enticing)

I used Mike for an email series and couldn't be happier with the results... a 250% boost, right out the gate! He's definitely someone who can level the playing field when you're facing tough competition and skeptical clients.”

Ankur Shah / VIIR 

Move the reader deeper into your funnel using familiar, hopeful language

Smooth reader rough spots

When complex or technical concepts are written in plain, elemental language, the reader can move forward unhindered. This is true for both expert and layperson. Comprehension breeds confidence...

copywriter magic

Generate reader momentum

When copy is formatted for the benefit of readers, they read more and procrastinate less. Easy navigation boosts comprehension and retention. Higher...

Strategic copywriting

Forge a bond with your reader

When readers identify with your writing, they consume more of it. Empathy naturally reduces skepticism, a prime cause of bottlenecks. Until recently, bonding with...

Empathy in copywriting

Find What You Need

targeted copywriting

Copy writing

Copy written for your target audience, designed for the project's medium.

critiquing content

Content Critiques

Analysis of your sales, marketing, or product copy delivered in a written report.

marketing consultant for hire

Marketing consultation

Advice for optimizing your content calendar, upgrading marketing assets, refining a marketing funnel, launching a product, and avoiding costly rebranding mistakes.

Does it make sense for you?

Can you justify hiring a freelance copywriter or contract writer for your next project? Consider the following four questions:

There's always risk when working with a copywriter -- salaried employee or freelancer. Here are the most common:

  • The copywriter deviates from the brief
  • The copywriter bungles your brand's tone or voice
  • The copywriter misses deadlines
  • The copywriter submits sloppy work
  • The copywriter clashes with your team


Do you have a in-house person dedicated to the project?

When everybody's responsible for something, nobody (really) is. Copy and content writing, at its core, is a solitary process. That means, between the first meeting and the final draft, someone must take ownership of the writing.


Have you planned for delays in the project?

Writers get rusty without practice. Unless the person you're assigning to write copy practices regularly, every part of the process -- research, organizing, editing -- will take longer than planned.


Have you accounted for backlogs elsewhere?

If you'll be taking an employee off of his or her primary duties to write copy, you must account for the backlog of work that will occur. For clarity's sake, compare the value of the employee's regular work to the value of the copy project you're assigning.


Will the project affect next year's budget?

Failing to use the entirety of this year's marketing budget may reduce what you get next year. A reduced budget will limit your capabalities, which could affect your career trajectory.

 Kristen Nolan 

Marketing Manager 

He was able to reach our customers with answers to their questions vs forcing a product on them. That's not always easy when you sell home medical care products. Who wants to talk about bedpans?


I, Mike Devaney, am a copywriter and content planner for companies with sophisticated prospects and customers. My bias is for technically-sound, direct response tactics. I live in (howdy!) Billings, MT.